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Minneapolis, MN.

Posted: 01/15
Professional Digital Technician and Retoucher. Proven ability to work autonomously off site or in close teamwork situations. Phase, Leaf, Canon and Nikon Digital. Perfect file management, correct file naming procedures, on set retouching and processing. Full camera and digi-cart packages available.

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Minneapolis, MN.

Posted: 01/14
Bryce is an intelligent Minneapolis-based digital technician putting in the hours to stay ahead of the game in a constantly updating digital world. Bringing first-hand knowledge and know-how to every shoot, Bryce will give you the attention and creative eye to pore over every captured image - keeping watch for any lighting glitch, stray hair, wardrobe, or prop issue that might not be sending the right creative message. Experience with Target's digital workflow and equipment available to rent. See packages and gear available at


Minneapolis, MN.

Posted: 04/15
Why do I take such care with your creations? Because they have a little of me in them. We live in the most visually educated world to date. People are being bombarded by imagery on a scale that has never been seen before. This king of market saturation requires us as visual creatives to fly above the pack, be the best. I have loved photography and film since I learned to walk. Earning a living creating art, for commercial use or just my wall at home, is the dream I have had since that childhood long ago. It is amazing that we live in a day and age where there is great imagery and stories just a click or tap away. It is our duty to make sure that we don’t add to the mediocre pool flowing beneath us, that we raise the bar everyday for commercial photography and film. If you feel the same, lets get together and make visual magic!

Managing digital assets during a photo shoot should not be hard, thats where I come in. In the digital age we live in there are so many things we have to think of. Is my camera talking to the computer? Are the files transferring? Are they organized so I can find and use them? Are they processed to the best quality they can be? Can I fix that in post? These and many more questions hang over our heads, often times adding undue stress. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a digital angel keeping track of this for you so you can create the most amazing shots? With myself as your highly skilled digital technician, your shoots will seem effortless. Whether you use Canon, Nikon, Phase One, Leaf, or Hasselblad, your images will shine. Consider me your “silent partner” in the image creation process.


Bruce Christianson
St. Paul, MN.

Posted: 10/09
Bruce is an early adopter of professional digital photo technology integrating digital capture with high-end print output and online display standards and operating procedures learned through 10+ years experience calibrating with state of the art prepress and creative team web development.

30+ years as commercial photographer gives Bruce a well rounded knowledge of equipment and subject matter. Capable of In-Studio or On-Location DigiTech Workflow from Capture to Processing to Retouching and all image delivery methods.

Preferred tools: Mac, PhaseOne, Hasselblad, Arca Swiss, Canon, Nikon, CaptureOne Pro, Adobe CS4 Bridge & Photoshop.
Equipment Rentals: Mac Pro Quad Core w/Internal Mirrored RAID and 30" Cinema Display; 17" MacBook Pro; PhaseOne Backs; Nikon D300.
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References: Graham Brown Photography, Inc.; Tom Matre Productions; Buck Holzemer Pictures; ReGina Murphy Photography.

Bruce's additional work as a corporate consultant on digital photography and multimedia ensures that he brings the ideal approach, skills, and tools to any visual challenge your business might face.

Benjamin Clasen
St. Paul, MN.

Posted: 01/09
On-set capture technician since 2002. Extensive use of DSLR cameras and medium format backs from Phase1 and Leaf and accompanying software. Imaging color management, post-production and compositing; prepress background.

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Please call or write for more information, resume and/or client list.

Jacob A. Gerber
Minneapolis, MN.

Posted: 06/09
Full time Digital Technician and Retoucher with ten years of photographic experience. Skilled in digital capture, color management, image processing, workflow/organization, compositing, layering, retouching, and troubleshooting on the fly. Lots of Target experience. Familiar with most digital systems. Specialties include Mac, Capture One, Phase One, Canon System, Leaf, Bridge, and Photoshop. References: Chad Holder, Chris Sheehan, Chuck O'Grady, Evan Mathiason, Ben McKean, Kevin Johnston, Jeff Johnson, Fox Komis and Owen.

Mark Gordon
Minneapolis, MN.

Posted: 04/15
I am a professional digital tech with knowledge of most capture systems and software. I have been working in commercial photography since 1991, and a digital tech since 2005. I have extensive experience in digital capture and retouching. I really enjoy collaborating with the photographer and art director to bring out the best in every shot. My personality is very easy going, and I am able to communicate professionally with clients and crew members equally.  I am able to troubleshoot any problems on set quickly whether computer, software, or photography related. I am very familiar with the Target image workflow and procedures. Visit my website for more details.

Karl Herber
Minneapolis, MN.

Posted: 04/15
I am a digital capture tech and retoucher. I have served professional photographers since 1995.  I have taken both PhaseOne Certified Professional as well as CaptureOne Masters programs.  (I know Photoshop and Lightroom pretty well, too.)  I have a wide range of gear to help with your shoot.
I am excellent with clients and a pretty nice guy to have on set.  
Perfect eyesight.

Nate Twedten
Minneapolis, MN.

Posted: 4/15
Experienced photographic retoucher and digital tech. BFA in Photography, Adobe Certified Expert, Capture One Certified.
References: Patrick Fox, Rod Komis