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When Part of Your Work is Looking for Work


Wednesday November 15, Shelter Studios 7-9pm


Freelancers in photography and other creative fields have to look for work when they’re working. For some the focus is taking action around marketing. Other people put energy into connection and relationships. And others focus on personal projects and rely on related work to make a living. There’s a lot of ways to approach this and many times no tried and true answers.

This process can be uncertain and vulnerable. We want and need to talk about this.

Join us for a panel discussion with photographers Sarah Rubinstein, Douglas Beasley and Xavier Tavera  They’ll share their stories, insights and philosophies. And then we’ll all have a chance to talk about some of our experience in smaller groups. Hosted by Dave Lewis.

Here’s some things we’re thinking about:

+ Being the right person for the job versus finding the right job.

+ How do you look for work while staying open and letting go of expectations?

+ How do we leverage each other’s knowledge?

+ How do we use our connections to help one another?

+ What practices do I have that help me create my own life?

+ Connectivity over isolation

+ Daily practices over procrastination

+ Cooperation over competition


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Hope to see you on Wednesday November 15!


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