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Are any of these thoughts frequent visitors to your headspace?

I have social media FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt).I should be posting on Instagram, Facebook LinkedIn, and/pr SnapChat right now or no one will ever hire me. Ever. But I can’t. How are those other shooters are doing it?!? I know should be. (also known as FOMO: Fear of missing out)

They didn’t accept my bid. That means I’m no good. They don’t like me. (Fear of rejection).

I suck. That other shooter has it all together. I’m a fraud. (Impostor syndrome)

I’m pissed off at my clients’ inconsiderate behavior. They always seem to make me  “hurry up and wait” and/or I get “radio silence when all I want to know is who won the bid/what happened to the job/why I didn’t get the assignment? Why don’t they treat me with respect? (frustration)

•I know I should spend more time marketing, but I am overwhelmed with everything else I have to do I can’t see a way forward. (discouragement)

I can’t ask for help or word will get out that I don’t know what I’m doing. (fear of appearing vulnerable/clueless)

I can’t seem come up with any decent, new portfolio pieces. I know I should shoot for my portfolio but my creativity seems to have dried up. (muse neglect)

The faster I go the more behind I seem to get. Stop the world. I wanna get off. (overwhelmed).


Anyone who’s ever ruminated over a situation and wished they could stop thinking about it knows the suffering that mental loop creates.

The good news is is that all of those negative states start in the mind (consciousness) and that’s where it can be fixed.

Carolyn Potts, former photo rep, current photo marketing consultant, and regular Review 612 participant, returns to Minneapolis on April 27, 2017 to provide a deeper dive into one of the critical “tripod legs” of her well-received photography marketing seminar  Rebooting Your Business Brain.

In this brand new seminar, Carolyn expands the 1st tripod leg: The Inner Game: Managing Your Mind. Attendees will learn what makes up this primary leg of support and how you can get that stability in your business. She will help photographers understand why, in this hyper-connected economy, managing your mind has never been more important.


What can you expect in this program?

In this seminar photographers will have a chance to both learn and then do.

We’ll go over the what, when and the whys and then you’ll get to directly experience some of the tools that can shift you into a more powerful person–someone who can shift out of those less-than effective thoughts.

We’ll be busting apart some FUD myths and take the buzz out of FOMO.

A photographer who is calm and less reactive is a more creative photographer and a better salesperson. You can listen far more effectively–both to your muse and to the subtle clues your client is giving off in a creative conference call–when your mind is quieter.

In this seminar you will get to play with some of these tools– both alone and/or in a small group of 2-3.  

Carolyn will provide strategies, applications, and tips that can help anyone who’s ever faced these situations or ever been bothered by those thoughts.

This is not “airy-fairy” stuff. These are 21st -Century tools for mindfulness, stress reduction, and life optimization. You’ll  come away from this talk with tools you can start to use now.  You'll also be able to create a community of accountability partners to support you in this important aspect of maintaining and growing your photo business.

She will share research and anecdotes from her own life and those of her clients. Carolyn will give examples of how you can increase both your creativity and focus, and become less reactive and frustrated by the challenges facing any photographer in today's business. She’ll share “mind stuff” that works in making you a better photographer and a better marketer of your work.

Drawing on her own 20+ years of personal development study, Carolyn has found resources that are easy, practical, and effective. She will demonstrate in real time the power of some of these exercise.

"One of the best things I got from Carolyn's talk as her emphasis of the critical importance of photographers learning to how manage their  "Inner Game." Being able–via mindfulness tools and other techniques–to let go of fears, doubts, anxieties and other negative thoughts is an absolutely essential element for success. I do some of those things now and I know how absolutely important that is to help me get out of my own way. I only wish someone had told me about this aspect of business when I first started so I wouldn't have had to wait until I was 38 years old to learn this!!" -Aimee N.’s response to Carolyn’s January 2017 presentation to the ASMP Atlanta Southeast chapter

This program is for those who are interested in stretching beyond current limiting beliefs the have about their business, themselves, and what’s possible. It’s for those who want to explore in a safe environment where there’ll be safety and mutual support.

"Working with Carolyn has pulled me out of my comfort zone, shown me

things about myself that have helped me grow in numerous ways, we have

had a few amazing AH-HA moments that literally gave me goosebumps!  

And, best of all, she isn’t afraid to tell you like it is. Her enthusiasm for what she is doing to help her clientele radiates through each and every meeting and she empowers you to be the best and grab life by the horns."

-Emily T. current client

Read more about her perspective on why getting your head together can help you get ahead in these two articles she wrote for the ASMP Strictly Business Blog “From WTF!?! to AHA” and “Where Everything Starts”.

Top entertainers, CEOs, media moguls, leading tech companies and successful artists know the essential importance of having and maintaining a good inner game. Why not you?

ALSO……..Carolyn will be available on the days after the seminar for one-on-one PORTFOLIO REVIEW/MARKETING STRATEGY SESSIONS. In your session you'll get feedback/editing tips and information specific to you and your goals which can immediately help your business.

More Info is available on her site under PORTFOLIO REVIEWS or click HERE.

FEE: Carolyn's usual rate is $250/hr. You can save money when you book using Early-bird Discounts: Book within 10 days of the event and you can take off 10%.

Book within 5 days of the event, take a 5% discount.

EMERGING PHOTOGRAPHERS (only) OFFER: If you've been in business less than 3 years and want to do a group session with 2 other emerging colleagues, Carolyn will do a group review session for you at the single person rate. Create your group and give her a call.

Payments can be made by cash, check, or credit card via PayPal.

Call Carolyn directly at (312) 560-6400 for more info or to book a session.



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